Oh Gantry!

Karl grew some parts since our last post. It would have been great for Karl to just build his own gantry, but unfortunately he has learned how to do that yet. So we had to teach him. 

 Karl's gantry is made of two welded 6x6 box steel tubes and some 1/4 flat stock welded to the front. Surprisingly these two bars were pretty flat, so we didn't need to 3 plate scrap these ones to drill the holes and roughly align the rail mounting holes. Then using the same technique with epoxy, we provided a flat surface for the rails to be mounted to. 

After the epoxy hardened we scraped it as flat as possible and mounted the rails to the newly minted epoxy beds. 

To provide movement, we are using 2000mm ball screws and we had to mount those to the gantry as well. The ball screws need to be in perfect alignment with the gantry rails so they don't bind and roll nicely. 

Now that karl has all of his moving parts attached to the gantry, next we needed a method to mount the Z axis. This is where things start to get a little tricky. The original plan was to use our CNC converted grizzly mill to machine the parts required for the Z Axis. However during the milling process this machine blew up and would need parts so it can be fixed. Instead of waiting for parts to come, we went old school and did things by hand. This hand made parts are a temporary measure until Karl is in good enough shape to cut his own parts. 

With the understanding that we would be replacing all of the Z Axis components with Karl built ones, we pushed forward to mounting a Z Axis we bought from ebay to get us by until Karl can cut his own parts.


We know - this is terrible. But it should be good enough to get Karl cutting something - mainly better parts for his Z Axis. That's all for now. 

Next up in the series will be Karl's electronics and motion controls. 

Oh Gantry!
Donny Davis 29 January, 2021
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